Are you a spiritually attuned woman, ready to blow the lid off the cauldron and be in your full potency, so you can express & create from your most playful, peaceful, turned-on self? — Then join us for this magical liberating adventure in Sicily as you unleash your inner Venus… Goddess of Sacred Pleasure & Prosperity.

Shhhhhh... can you hear it?

It's your first morning as you awake in our private villa, a Sicilian paradise with the sound of pure stillness overlayed by a symphony of birds blessing you with their sweet songs.

You get out of bed and step on the mosaic tiles... art beneath your feet. Fresh Italian coffee is brewing in the kitchen.

Maybe you start your day with a swim in our glorious pool, surrendering to the water's embrace; or go for a stroll in your private villa park, with succulents all around you, as the scent of crisp clean air envelops you. Maybe you lounge on the rooftop patio as you breathe in the magnificent beauty before you... the Tyrrhenian Sea, the lush vegetation, and the ancient hills and rock formations.

Tears of joy roll down your cheeks.
Finally, a place where you can let it all out!
Finally a place where you can be fully yourself!
Finally... you experiencing you in the way you know you can!

You feel a calm energy.... it ripples through you. You feel your body in a way that feels like the first time.
As the pleasure of this moment washes over you... You feel like you can do anything... and guest what? You can!

You gather for morning meditation and movement. Looking around, you see your Sisters; you feel the support, and you feel seen in this moment. You're not too big or too much here. You can relax, taking up your full space.

Goosebumps move up your arms. You feel a deep knowing in your soul. This feels ancient and familiar, glimpses of Priestess Temples from another time.
No Sister... it's not a dream. You're really here, and your life is now forever changed.

This is the Divinity you experience. You feel the fire of the Goddess Venus everywhere. She's already activated within you. Let me tell you more....

When you are fully unleashed, you are unstoppable!

Imagine 9 days and nights in the exclusive company of a small group of other brilliant women who see and embrace you for who you really are? Spiritual mentors, healers, artists, mothers, sisters... women with a passion for life, together rising, becoming more and more actualized!

You will feel seen, held, nourished, and supported in ways that can only be experienced as WE evolve together, becoming a more powerful reflection of one another, in a land where there are no limits.

You will rise into the highest expression of your unique Sacred Pleasure & Prosperity™ Blueprint, so you can illuminate and ignite divine connection with your sexuality and with money.
This is when the magic happens, in relationships, self-care, and the creation of your soul's work... your divine calling.

Want to feel more alive, sensual, and radiant in your body?

You will learn Women's Tao Tantric self-care practices for healthy hormone production, increasing pleasure, sexual vitality, and inner peacefulness, that you can apply for the rest of your life.

Open to a new level of feminine power, and inner peace—in a way that accelerates your divine calling... or the calling in of a new love.

Here, you can fully express and BE all of who you are, and finally let go. Here dance and breath are your medicine. Women's wisdom is your expansion. Love, healing, and connection is your liberation.

So tell me, is this you?

  • You've given so much to your work and to others; even toned it down so they feel more comfortable. But, this urge is brewing inside you, and now you're ready to know and feel your potency at a deeper level.

  • You've kept the deepest layer of your life force hidden and simmering inside you and now it's time to unleash and express it!

  • You've already done a lot of work on yourself, but you sense something is still holding you back... which it is. Is it the sexual wound imprint, abandonment, rejection? Sister, it's time to clear it once and for all, so you get to be be the most peaceful, playful, turned-on version of you.

  • You want to let go of secretly comparing your body to others, and feel radiant, alive, and sensual in your body exactly as it is.

  • You long for deep Sister connection—to be immersed in playfulness, rejuvenation, and to dance with abandon. Yes please!

  • Your soul is craving more pleasure, but not surface level pleasure—deep soul fulfilling, spiritually aligned pleasure... with or without a partner. Can you imagine prosperity being fueled from that?

"When a woman rises up in glory, her energy is magnetic and her sense of possibility is contagious" ~ Marianne Williamson

If you resonate with any of these, this retreat is designed for you. This is a carefully curated experience to ignite, liberate, and unleash the fire of Venus that's simmering inside you.

Here, we will dive deep and play hard grounded in love.

You can bask in a huge swimming pool with an exquisite view in your full Goddess Glory, where clothing is optional.

***During the transformational processes, there is no nudity. Everyone's boundaries will be fully honored. You will be healing, expanding, and expressing through women's wisdom, self-care, dance, and breath.

This is 9 days of delicious food, culture, rejuvenation, healing, spirituality, expression, nature, transformation, and a deep sense of community,

So, do you want to join us for this 11 day date with your Divinity?

No more some day. It's your time now!
Together, we will create magic.

All you have to do is say yes.
Trust your heart. What is it telling you?

What YOU are going to walk away with...

  • You finally get to take time to indulge and pour into you, and express the real you.

  • You will return home feeling more in alive, connected, and powerful in your body, ready for your next level of expression.

  • You will feel nourished, turned on, and inspired to blow the lid off your cauldron in your work and love life, No more holding back. Can you feel the expansion of that?

  • You will be clear from old karmic imprints that you didn't even know were there, so you can embody a new level of inner peacefulness, creative expression, and sexual wholeness, that is in full alignment with your Divinity.
    Would that be worth coming to Sicily for?

  • You will up-level your magnetism in a way that is even more irresistible and contagious, so you attract more divinely aligned connections in work and in love.

  • You will know secrets to continue to expand your pleasure on a multidimensional level—spiritually, emotionally and physically with or without a partner, through breath, movement and rich feminine wisdom.

  • You will know how to integrate your Sacred Pleasure & Prosperity® Blueprint, so you will experience more harmony in your relationships and work. Knowing the nuances of your unique Pleasure & Prosperity Blueprint, and understanding others is a game changer!

  • You will experience a transformation and beautiful new friendships that only those of you who are here can truly understand.

Would THAT be worth coming to Sicily for?

Oh my Goddess, yes!

Here's the thing, BEFORE you even step on the plane, your experience begins....

1. You will receive a free copy of Your Sacred Pleasure and Prosperity™ Archetypes Quiz & E-book — Your unique blueprint to ignite divine connection with your sexuality and with money.

2. A Private Sacred Pleasure & Prosperity™ Archetype Reading with Jaitara. Before we leave for Sicily, you will receive a private reading with Jaitara to gain clarity on how to be in the highest expression of your unique Sacred Pleasure & Prosperity™ Archetype so you can create soul fulfilling pleasure & prosperity in love, intimacy, and in your divine calling. Value: $97.

3. A Private Deep Dive Clearing Session with Jaitara.
Before we leave for Sicily, you will receive a full length one-on-one session with Jaitara, identifying and clearing an old karmic imprint that is standing in the way of you embodying the sacred pleasure & prosperity that belongs to you. This may be a clearing of the sexual wound imprint, a money wound, or the persecution imprint... whatever requires the most clearing for you. These sessions are powerful, opening you to a new frequency before you even step on the plane. Value $240.

4. Group Call. To make sure you get the absolute most from this experience, we will get together on a group call BEFORE you leave for the retreat, so you can connect with the other women and best prepare you for the journey.

5. Final Bonus! : A free pass to the Sacred Pleasure & Prosperity™ Online 90 Day Program. This includes access to all the video modules, as well as the group calls. This program Is a $2999 value.

So... want to join us on this magical adventure?
There are only 10 spots available.

This journey is medicine that will nourish your mind, body and soul. You will cry tears of healing, joy, and euphoric laughter. You will breathe into expansion. You will dance your heart and soul open. An experience you will cherish for the rest of your life.

The Venues

1st VENUE: June 9th & your final night on June 18th

It's quite likely you will have a long flight. So weary traveler, we have arranged for you to spend your first night in Italy in a lovely Catania boutique hotel just 20 minutes from the airport in the Theatre District.

Your first day in Sicily, ahhh, can you feel the charm? Maybe you'll wander the cobblestone sidewalks and take in the historic architecture, or visit the ancient Roman Amphitheatre just 10 minutes away

Maybe you'll meet up with the other women and share your first Italian Cuisine experience. There are lots of great options in this neighborhood. Maybe you'll want to go shopping. Or, you can just want stay in your room and catch up on sleep. No matter what, once here you can't help but feel the anticipation of what's coming next. The Venus within you is already stirring. She's ready to emerge!

(You will also spend your 11th day and night here, so you are close to the airport for your morning flight back home. On that day, you will have time to go to the beach, explore more of Catania, or perhaps visit the ancient ruins of Taormina, just 45 minutes away.)

After your first night in Italy, you will wake up to a delicious breakfast. Then a shuttle will take you and the other women to the Milazzo Ferry. I will greet you on the other side at the Vulcano Island port and escort you to your Villa.

Our own private paradise!

YOUR PRIMARY VENUE: June 10th - 18th
Welcome to your Goddess Temple, our home base for 9 days and nights, located on Vulcanello, at the tip of Vulcano Island. Vulcano is considered the ancient seat of Vulcan, the God of Fire. And... while here, we will visit the Piscina di Venere—the Pool of Venus. The elements of fire and water are prevalent here.

When I discovered this magical Villa I knew it was the one! I love the feminine curves of the architecture. The glorious oversized pool. Its clean transparent water is a true jewel of this luxurious residence. The large patio wraps around the entire front of the villa, which includes private sitting areas for each of the bedrooms.

Fragrant oleander and gorgeous Zagare carvings take you down the avenue that leads to the villa. Once you're in, it's a surreal backdrop to other worlds. On the horizon, nestled in the blue waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea, are views of the ancient dormant volcano that reminds you of the world's origins.

The villa is surrounded by a large well-kept garden with evergreens, flowers and plants and our own private park with pines, eucalyptuses, succulents, a small vineyard, an orchard and a vegetable garden.

This villa was previously owned by a well known TV celebrity, and hosted events for many stars. Now dear woman, you are the star!

Every morning, we will gather on the roof top patio shaded by trees as our umbrellas, as we drop into full presence through meditation and dance; gently awakening our body with sensuality all around us.

After a delicious breakfast prepared by Manisha, we will gather in circle, sharing our collective wisdom. So many choices of areas to sit in circle. I can't wait to be there and discover what spaces we choose for our wisdom circles.

Between lunch and dinner is your time to enjoy as you wish. Bask by the pool, walk 10 minutes to the beach, and explore the area.

After a delicious dinner, we dive deep through transformational dance and breath journeys in the privacy of our large and cozy living room. If the evenings cool down, we have a wood burning fireplace to warm us and add to the ambiance.

When we play hard, it's not induced through substance. It is through healing, awakening, activation, and joy.

Yay, Spa Day!

3rd VENUE: Day Trip June 16th

We can't hold a retreat that is about Pleasure & Prosperity without a spa day, now can we?

We will take a short ferry ride into the city of Lipari and check into Hotel Tritone where they have the most exquisite spa with walls of cave like formations. Here you will indulge in the spa treatment of your choice, all included as part of your Pleasure & Prosperity experience.

We will be in Lipari all day. When you are not basking in the spa, you can wander around town on the cobblestone streets. There are many shops to explore with delights by local artisans. You can treat yourself to lunch at one of the many Lipari outdoor cafes. You can explore the Castello di Lipari (the Castle of Lipari) and the Acropolis of where it stands.

For dinner we will be fine dining together. Then after dinner... who knows, maybe take in some night life. After multiple days of diving deep and playing hard at our Villa, this will be our day and night out on the town.

The Cuisine

If there is anything Sicily is well known for, it's the food! Divine Deliciousness and color abound for vegetarians and meat eaters alike. Spices and herbs like rosemary, mint, oregano, and more thrive here, bringing aromatic heaven to our senses.

Let's face it, it's not possible to spend time in Italy without savoring fresh bread, pizza and pasta. But don't worry, we will be moving so much with all the dancing, walking and swimming, you'll burn off any carbs you may indulge in.

I personally I can't wait to try my first Cannoli and bite into the crisp texture of the pastry shell, and savor the sweet ricotta cheese filling, topped with fresh local pistachio nuts.

I can already taste the Pizzetta... a small pizza with soft thick dough, with fresh tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese.

Fresh caught seafood is abundant here, so if that's your thing, you will be in paradise. What ever your preference, there is plenty of deliciousness pleasure for all!

While at the Villa our meals will be prepared by Alessandra, a local Sicilian Goddess. She will nourish us with her home cooked meals using fresh local ingredients. I personally love my veggies, so there will be plenty of them. If you don't eat this or that... no worries... we will find out your dietary preferences in advance to accommodate you.

In the evening we will dine with the ambiance of candlelight and soft background music. We will also try out some local restaurants on our Island of Vulcano. Our Villa host knows the best ones to choose from.

When in Lipari you will have an abundance of outdoor cafes to choose from for lunch. You will be treated to a fine dining experience, where we can sip on a glass of red or your choice of a non-alcoholic beverage, gazing at the sunset.

While we're on that topic, you should know that wine will not be served daily at the villa, due to the depth of the transformational processes and spiritual exploration. That said, you will still get to sample a glass of wine, if that's your thing as part of your welcome dinner, during our visit to Lipari, and during our final celebration evening at the villa.

Every day and night will be a celebration of food in Sicily

The Delights


On our island of Vulcano, we will visit the Piscina di Venere—the Pool of Venus, which is only accessible by water.

According to legend, this is where Venus came to bathe and swim. It is also known as: Bagno delle Vergini (Bath of the Virgins). By immersing herself in these waters every evening, the Goddess regained the virginity she had lost to her many lovers before joining her husband, the god Vulcan.

By the way... the original definition of "virgin" was a free woman, her own sovereign and lover... a woman of sexual independence. Together we will bathe in the Pool of Venus.


Sicily's Aeolian Islands are considered among the most picturesque islands in the Mediterranean, and we will explore them by sea.

The magnificent rock structures protruding from the water are like Mother Nature's sculptures. We will explore hidden coastlines, and multicolored volcanic caves only accessible by water.

Panarea is the smallest of the seven inhabited Aeolian Islands. The bounties of Mother Nature are rich here. This island is a popular destination for celebrities and billionaires.

We can wander the narrow streets, a labyrinth of gardens, characteristic white houses, and terraces immersed in olive trees, palm groves, and bougainvillea with their radiant blossoms.

Then we visit Stromboli, island of the most active volcano in Europe, with volcanic eruptions every 20 minutes! At sunset, our boat will take us to a spot where we will witness the spectacular phenomenon of lava flowing, lighting up the night sky.


This day will be an immersion into the power and beauty of the elements of fire and water. The fire within you is your spirit. It is eternal, forever burning bright. Your erotic creative life force energy is that of water... forever flowing, shifting, fluid, expressing. On this day you will feel your integral connection to the beautiful, powerful, ancient raw presence of the ultimate Goddess.... Mother Earth.


While in Lipari, when not basking in the Spa, you can explore the town. Maybe visit the Castello di Lipari (Castle of Lipari), high on the Acropolis, feeling the history of this quaint town. Maybe you'll chill at an outdoor cafe, sip on a cappuccino and do a little people watching.

You'll definitely want to take in some shopping from local artisans. Sicily is known for its hand crafted ceramics, hand made lace, crafts made from Morano glass, jewelry made from volcanic rock. You'll love wandering the cobblestone streets. If you're like me, you'll chat with local shop keepers, making new friends along the way.

You can visit the Basilica di San Bartolomeo di Lipari (Cathedral of Saint Bartholomew), built in the 11th century and rebuilt in the 16th century. It has majestic ancient architecture and paintings that adorn the ceiling. Next to the cathedral you can stroll through the old walls from earlier cities from 2000 - 3000 years ago.

As you bask in the sounds, scents, and sites around you, you may feel like you are inside an episode of an Italian romance series.

Find the dance within your soul!

At this retreat dance and breath are your medicine; a source of healing, expansion, connection, expression, activation and liberation.

There is no choreography to learn, and no skill required. Even if you don't believe you are a good dancer, you will move from the inside out at whatever pace feels right to you, with as little or as much movement feels good to you.

You will find the dance within your soul. You will dance and breathe away the density of what no longer serves you. You will feel more deeply connected to your body and the sensuality and sacredness of it.

You will ignite new expression within your creative life force energy, and you will feel the expansion of this within everything you create.

Who knows what unexpected magic will happen while in Sicily.

What I do know is that together magic is inevitable.
If you are feeling something stirring within you... listen.

Listen to what your body, heart and soul is telling you.
Do you feel a fire in your soul?
Are you yearning to feel more expressed?
Say "yes" to you!
See you in Sicily!


EARLY BIRD - $5600 double occupancy.( Private queen room is also available. )
After Early Bird, price increases to: $6300.

Payment plans are available

What's Included

  • 11 incredible days together with deep dive transformation, all facilitation, rich wisdom, and a whole lot of playfulness and adventure.

  • All accommodations: Catania hotel, the Villa, and one night in Lipari.

  • All group ground transportation and ferries.

  • All meals at the villa, plus one meal out on Vulcano Island, and one fine dining experience in Lipari.

  • One Spa treatment in Lipari.

  • Boat tour excursion of Sicilian Islands.

  • Breakfast at your Boutique hotel in Catania.

  • Pre-trip preparation class.

  • Pre-trip bonuses: Sacred Pleasure & Prosperity quiz, book, and private reading with Jaitara; private clearing session with Jaitara, and a free pass to the Sacred Pleasure & Prosperity online program.

  • A donation on your behalf to a charity dedicated to the prevention, treatment , and advocacy of child sexual abuse survivors.

What's Not Included

  • Your roundtrip airfare from home.

  • The taxi to return to the Catania airport on June 28.

  • Other non-included items include souvenir shopping, personal phone calls, taxis for any private wandering about you do.

  • Meals when in Catania, with the exception of breakfast.

  • When in Lipari: your lunch when exploring the town, possibly not breakfast either... we're working on that.

  • Your lunch when exploring the island of Panarea during our boat tour.


Arrive at Catania Airport on your 1st day, June 9. Then we'll have a taxi take you to your Boutique Hotel. The next morning a shuttle will pick up you and the other women and take you to the Milazzo Ferry to Vulcano Island and our beautiful Villa.

*You must arrive in Catania. Do NOT fly into Palermo. It's on the other side of Sicily, and you'd be on your own.

If you want to come earlier or stay later for some exploring – call Ales Struna (pronounced Alesh) our travel planner extraordinaire. He can help you design something fabulous as well as make sure that you actually end up in Catania at the right time and in the right place! Feel free to ring him at +1.866.866.5566.



Jaitara is the author of, The Four Sacred Laws of Sexual Enlightenment, a book endorsed by Don Miguel Ruiz, the author of The Four Agreements.

Jaitara has transcended decades of her own inner journey helping thousands of participants and clients through healing, breakthroughs, and transformation. She brings the wisdom of a sage, love of a mother, a playful spirit, and a sister's embrace.

She is a master facilitator of emotional healing, trauma clearing, transformational dance and breath. She is an expert on the topic of Sacred Sexual Healing and Enlightenment. She is a certified Compassion Key® Master Practitioner/Circle Leader Teacher, Holistic Rebirther, Reiki Master Teacher, and also certified in Mental Health First Aid and various coaching modalities.

She is the founder of and the creator of the Pleasure & Prosperity body of work.

The Sacred Pleasure & Prosperity™ body of work: the quiz, book, program, and retreat guide women home to the source of their greatest power—igniting divine connection with your sexuality and your relationship with prosperity, so you can create and express from your most playful, peaceful, turned-on self in love, intimacy, and in the creation of your divine calling... the soul's work you are here to do.

"Jaitara, the space you are able to hold is very unique—and I have tried A LOT throughout my life. The Mother Goddess embodied." ~ Eva Charlotte Larsson Ruiz; Founder of R.I.S.E. In Love™, and Global Peacemakers™.


Want to discuss it first?

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Much love,

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